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What is STN Easy

Scientific Technical Information Network provides access to several major CAS databases including Chemical Abstracts Plus (CAplus), CA Registry and CIN (Chemical Industry Notes). It includes more than 64 million chemical substances, covers international journals, patents, patent families, technical disclosures, technical reports, books, conference proceedings, dissertations, reviews, electronic-only journals, and web preprints from all areas of chemistry, biochemistry, chemical engineering, and related sciences from 1907 to the present as well as more than 180,000 pre-1907 records.

Sample STN Easy Searches

Follow links below (from CAS website), and search like an expert:

Strategies for Finding Chemical Substance Information

Strategies for finding technical topics information

Strategies for Patent search

Strategies for locating research articles by an author

Access STN Easy

STN Easy, a pay per search database, is available only to authorized UHCL students and faculty. Please contact the Chemistry Liaison Librarian or Ask A Librarian for account information.

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