SWRK 4319: Social Welfare Policy: NGOs & Think Tanks

This guide provides resources and strategies for completing projects for SWRK 4319

Think Tanks & Nongovernmental Organizations

Think tanks are organizations devoted to research about the the effects of current and proposed government policies. Their scope can be wide, studying a broad range of areas on which governments form policy. This page lists a number of high-profile think tanks that study a variety of social policy issues. 

Think Tanks can also focus their research on a particular area of public policy. This guide also also lists think tanks and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) focused on specific policy issues. A NGO is a non-profit organization devoted to providing assistance and improving lives through work on a specific social, political or economic problem. This often comes in the form of concrete action and programs for assisting individuals and groups, but NGOs knowledge of the problems they seek to remedy can give them special insight into policy solutions.

Click below for links to NGOs and Think Tanks studying and providing solutions to issues on the following topics:

Policy Analysis Think Tanks

Left-leaning Think Tanks

Right-leaning Think Tanks

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