SWRK 4319: Social Welfare Policy: Finding Books

This guide provides resources and strategies for completing projects for SWRK 4319


Use the library's catalog to search for books, ebooks and films.

Find books and media in the UHCL, UH, and UHD Libraries

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What am I Searching?

When using the library catalog, keep in mind what's included in the records you're searching. The library catalog doesn't search books' full text. Instead it searches "bibliographic records" that include information about books. This information includes:

  • Title
  • Author
  • Subject Terms
  • Summary (if available)
  • Table of Contents (if available)

When the default "Keyword" is selected, the catalog will search for your search terms in all of these fields. It is possible to specify which field you'd like your terms to appear in, as shown in this example of an "Advanced Search":

Advanced Search 


The library catalog also supports Boolean operators, allowing you to create more complex keyword searches.


Reading a Catalog Record

Catalog Record Example

Finding books On The Shelf

Most works in the library's collections are shelved by Library of Congress classification. The most common location is General Stacks, for which:

  • call numbers A through QA are on library's upper floor
  • call numbers QB through ZZ are on the library's main floor

Sample call number: PR6015 .A33 W57 2001

PR    Read in alphabetical order: PR files before PS
6015    Read in numerical order as a whole number:  6015 files before 6016
.A33    Read the letter in alphabetical order, and read the number as a decimal:
.A33 files before .A4
W57    If there's another letter/number combination, read that number as a decimal even though the decimal point is omitted: W57 files before W6
2001    If there's a publication date, read it in numerical order

General Stacks end panel sign with call number ranges

Sample call number PR6015 .A33 W57 2001 is shelved in range 328 on the library's upper floor.

Get a Book from Another Library

 1. Use the Library Catalog's Request feature if a UH library has a copy available.

         Request link from browse screen and Request link from detailed record screen

 2. Or submit a Book Request form.

Please note:  You cannot request required textbooks via ILLiad

281-283-3910    library@uhcl.edu   UHCL Neumann Library    UHCL Pearland Campus Library