CapiraConnect: Home


Connect with Neumann library in a new way! Use the CapiraConnect app to see

  • What the library hours are
  • Where you are in the library (floor plans)
  • What's happening in the library

and much more!


  1. Install CapiraConnect app on your mobile device
  2. Make sure Bluetooth and Location Services are turned on
  3. First time you open the app:
    1. Tap the Get Started button
    2. Tap the Got It button under reminder to turn on Bluetooth & Location Services
    3. Choose Texas from the states list
    4. In the top search box, start typing University of Houston-Clear Lake (case sensitive). You will see the university name and address below the search box
    5. Tap the university name
    6. The next screen asks for your barcode and password.
      1. If you have a university ID and want to get notified about ready holds, overdue items, or fines owed, enter your library barcode (200 + 7 digit student or empl ID) and password (last name). The app stores this information.
      2. Otherwise, tap Skip Step and then tap Skip Validation

After that, CapiraConnect remembers your settings and brings you directly to the home screen.

To reset the app

  1. Tap Settings on the top menu
  2. Tap the Reset button

You will then see the Welcome screen and can follow the instructions under Step 3. Do this to go to a different library, or, if you share your device, to let someone else log in.

Home screen is the Status screen. You can redisplay this screen by tapping Status in the top menu

Top Menu:

  • Status - Shows whether Bluetooth and Location services are on and if you are connected. If you see your device's symbol for downloading or busy, just ignore it.
  • Card - Shows your library card information when you are logged in to your library
  • Messages - Tap to see list of available messages. Shows number of unread messages in parentheses. On messages screen, tap name of message to see it.
  • Settings - Turn on notifications you want to get. Please turn on General Messages and General Events. Other types are not used at this time.

View a message:

  • Tap Messages on the top menu bar to see a list of messages
  • Tap the message name
  • If a website is associated with the message, tap the More Information button at the bottom of the message screen to go there
  • When finished reading a message, tap Close at the top left to return to the list of messages

Delete a Message:

  • Slide the message to the left and then tap the Delete button

NOTE: Messages you have seen once do not repeat unless they have changed. Be sure to keep any messages, such as library maps, you might want to use later.



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