Dissertation Format and Submission Requirements: Dissertation Format

This is an entry guide for questions about formatting and printing your dissertation, as well as submitting it to the library.

Dissertation Deadlines

Dissertation Format Guidelines

All dissertations must follow the University of Houston-Clear Lake Format & Submission Guidelines for Dissertations below.

You are required to schedule a format check from Clarke Iakovakis before you upload your manuscript. Make an appointment on the Contact Us page, or email him directly at iakovakis@uhcl.edu.

Dissertation Template Files

The Neumann Library provides Microsoft Word templates to help you compose your dissertation in the format required by the University of Houston-Clear Lake. Templates define the correct pagination, margins, font size and style, and other formatting settings according to the guidelines specified in the guide.

Why use a template? Templates automate much of the dissertation formatting, saving you time. They make use of Styles, which are on the Home ribbon in Microsoft Word. A Style is a command used to format your text with predefined settings, including font size, spacing, indentation, and so on. If you highlight some text and click a style button, it will format that text according to the style. The Table of Contents will pull from these styles to automatically update the headings and page numbers.

For help using these files, please make an appointment on the Contact Us tab or email Clarke Iakovakis at iakovakis@uhcl.edu.

Get Help

For assistance with formatting, please visit the Contact Us page to make an appointment.

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