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Essential Tools for Online Searching: AND, OR, and Wildcards

(1:57) Learn how logical operators AND and OR work to help you get good results in library research databases.

(2:04) Learn how to retrieve varying forms of a word and improve search results.


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Citation: A (Very) Brief Introduction
(1:54) North Carolina State Univ. Libraries

Evaluating Sources for Credibility
(3:14) North Carolina State Univ. Libraries

Finding Scholarly Articles on Your Topic
(1:30) Step 1: Choose an Appropriate Research Database
(1:22 + practice) Step 2: Formulate an Effective Search Statement
(5:35) Step 3: Do an Initial Search, Critically Review Results, & Refine Search Terms
(5:15) Step 4: Narrow or Broaden Your Results

From Idea to Library
(2:28) North Carolina State Univ. Libraries

Get Full Text for an Article
(2:16) Learn how to locate full text using Find It @ UHCL, OneSearch, the Journals List, or by request

How to Read a Scholarly Journal Article
(5:10) Tim Lockman, Kishwaukee College Library

How to Renew Books Online
(1:16) Learn how to renew materials in your Library Catalog account

The Information Cycle
Versions by Polk Library, Univ. of Wisconsin Oshkosh (4:49) and by Penn State Univ. Libraries (7:30)

Internet Credibility: Evaluating the Integrity of Free Internet Materials
(3:36) Part 1: Authority
(6:39) Part 2: Currency, Content, and Accuracy

Literature Reviews: An Overview for Graduate Students
(9:38) North Carolina State Univ. Libraries

Peer Review in Three Minutes
(3:15) North Carolina State Univ. Libraries

Picking Your Topic IS Research
(3:12) North Carolina State Univ. Libraries

Recognizing Academic Sources
(5:32) Credo Reference/Literati

Scholarly vs. Popular Periodicals
(3:12) Peabody Library, Vanderbilt Univ.

Understanding Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Sources
(5:52) Credo Reference/Literati

Why We Cite
(2:29) Writing Center, Univ. of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Wikipedia: Beneath the Surface
(6:41) North Carolina State Univ. Libraries

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